people who don’t know about good anime… I did the redraw thing yoo this looks cool yoo

yooo I’m rebloggin my own art yooo

Have fun smelling my poop, Bitches!

I’ll be away from here for a few days. See ya next Monday!

guess who draw a pony? Oh I know… me…
is saying:”kill me pls”

Overlapping exercise for my 2D animation class from today.

Good class today ;v;

at least… I’m falling asleep, so I’m going to put on my memory this old Petrov in plug-suit sketch (more like a traditional lineart)

But I’m taking to school the sketch of Professor Layton just in case that I’m changing my mind and colored that shit!

Good night guys!

Moro… un regalo




hsahadfjshgfdsahdfajhdgjdgfkjfghdfks  xD <3 casi muero con un ataque de tos-risa

;D yo se moro… se que era tu sueño! tener nuestro propio fanfiction comic

Moro… un regalo

y que tal esto??